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Hurricane Protection

Protection of openings the most important thing you can do to improve the chance your home will survive a hurricane. Sunshine Aluminum Specialties hurricane protection products meet or exceed all local building codes. Sunshine Aluminum Specialties, Inc. is a State certified contractor.

Windows and Doors from Sunshine aluminum Specialties
Accordion Shutters features: Most accordion shutters on the market today are constructed in a way that does not allow the stainless steel screws (the main structural component that holds the shutter in its tracks), to be lubricated. As a result, the stainless steel screws corrode the aluminum shutter over time, which subsequently compromises the operation and performance of the shutter. That�s why our 6.8 Accordion Shutters were designed in a way that easily permits the lubrication of the assembly screws, even by a homeowner. This ensures your accordions will operate correctly when you need them most, and perform like new for many years to come.
Bahama Shutters features: Superior storm protection with minimal preparation. They deliver the tropical style and decorative appeal of a traditional Bahama Shutter, while providing reliable protection against high winds and flying debris. Regarded as a more decorative shutter, they make the windows appear larger and give a stylish presence to residential buildings. Unlike conventional Bahama Shutters, the Full View Shutter employs articulating louvers that offer the best outward views, and the ability to close and prohibit structure failure of your home from large volumes of air that could enter if the glass behind the shutter was to fail. Full View Bahama Shutters are mounted with a top hinge, and utilize telescoping side arms for flexible movement and adjustable shade protection. In fact, our Full View Bahama Shutter offers the best outward view of any impact-rated Bahama Shutter, along a wide array of value-added features
Colonial Shutters features: Colonial Shutters will enhance the appearance of your home while providing superior hurricane protection against high winds and flying debris at the same time. They are ideal for ground level and upper floor window openings, and close easily. When they are open, they have the decorative beauty of traditional shutters. Neatly hinged to provide optimum storm protection, they can be constructed with multiple panels that fold out when closing to cover larger openings.
Roll Shutter System features: Our Roll Shutter System is constructed of 50 mm extruded slats. In addition to solid, we offer vented slats, which provide increased ventilation while partially closed.
Storm Panels features: Our .050 and .060 aluminum panels carry statewide product approval, including .050 and .0615 for both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties/HVHZ. They are also tested for large missile impact from windborne debris in accordance with SSTD-12-99, A.S.T.M. E1886-E1996, or the High Velocity Hurricane Zone TAS 201, 202 AND 203 (same as Miami-Dade PA 201, 202 and 203).
Hinged Storm Panels features: Same protection as our .050 aluminum storm panels with the traditional aluminum awning type look. Providing shade for increased energy efficiency, the Hinged Storm Panel features fast, easy and secure lock down for when the storm is approaching, and is fully ASTM and TAS tested, which are the most rigid test standards in the nation.

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